Parish Bulletin for Pentecost Sunday 2020

Find attached the Bulletin for Pentecost Sunday by clicking HERE

The Bulletin has good news of the imminent relaxation of the pandemic isolation restrictions. From next Saturday, we will be able to gather in our usual way for our Eucharist celebrations. The need for social distancing and care for others will continue, but we can gather again as we have done for years to a maximum of 100.

In addition, the Bulletin contains the readings for Pentecost Sunday. These will assist those who cannot get to St Aloysius and join the Archbishop via live-streamed mass at the Cathedral.

Of separate notice, there is a report that the parish offerings to the Caritas Project Compassion appeal came to $7,000. This is a blessing on the parish and a blessing on those who receive the benefit in their need.


Quiet Prayer at your Pace

Wish you could spend more time reflecting on Scripture?

This podcast sends you a daily Lectio Divina meditation on one of the daily readings. Each 12-minute episode is designed to help you to pray wherever you are, whether that’s on a bus, in a car or with your dog in the park (hence the “go” part of “pray as you go”). Every episode includes music, the reading for the day, a few questions for reflection and a closing prayer. They also have an app! Pray-As-You-Go is a great way to incorporate prayer into your life.

Pray-as-You-Go is produced and provided by the Jesuit community of Britain. It is an easy yet powerful aid for spiritual health.

Try it for yourself by clicking HERE

Passionate thoughts of a Bishop who has had COVID-19

From a pastoral letter from the Bishop of Pinerolo, a small city in northern Italy. Bishop Derio Olivero contracted COVID-19 but is now cured.

… Now, I would like to say a word to believers. Going back to celebrating Mass is not enough for us to think we have solved everything. “This time is not a period we should try to forget!” We must not go back to the Church the way it was. Either we start changing the Church now or it will stay the same for the next 20 years. Please listen carefully to what this time of pandemic is whispering to us and what Pope Francis tells us so wonderfully. Do you remember what we were saying in our meetings at the end of February (just before the lockdown started)? Every meeting we would complain that people don’t come to Mass any more, children in catechism don’t come, young people don’t come. Do you remember? And now we think we are going to solve everything by starting celebrating Mass again? I believe in the importance of the Mass. When I celebrate the Mass, I “immerse” myself, I put my heart into it, I am born again. I know it is the “source and summit” of the life of the believer. And I dream of having the strength to preside at the Eucharist again, when it is allowed.

But I am telling you clearly that I no longer want a Church that just tells you what to do, what to believe and what to celebrate, but forgets to take care of relationships, inside and outside. We need to rediscover the beauty of relationships inside the church, among catechists, church workers, volunteers, practising Catholics. We need to make the parish a place people want to come to, where you can say, “This feels like a community, it’s good to be here!”

And on the outside, with those who do not attend Church or just come along for baptisms and funerals. I dream of Christians who love non-practising Catholics, agnostics, atheists, believers of other denominations and religions. This is the true Christian. I dream of Christians who don’t think of themselves as Christians because they go to Mass every Sunday (though this is an excellent thing to do), but Christians who nurture their own spirituality with moments of reflection on the Word, with times of silence, moments of wonder in front of the beauty of the mountains or a flower, moments of prayer in the family, an offer of coffee made with kindness. Christians who are not “devout” (in an individualistic, private, abstract, ideological way) but believers who believe in God in order to nourish their own lives and to help them believe in life, whatever comes their way. Not communities that are closed in on themselves and their own organisation, but communities that are open, humble, full of hope; communities infectious with passion and trust. Not a Church that goes to church, but a Church that goes to everyone. Full of enthusiasm, passion, hope, love. Believers like this will regain their desire to go to church. To go to Mass, to be fed. Otherwise we will continue to waste the nourishing food of the Eucharist. Woe betide anyone who wastes their daily bread (our grandparents used to say). Woe betide anyone who wastes the “food” of the Eucharist. It is only with this hunger that we will be able to rediscover how fortunate we are to have the Mass. This is the only way to rediscover the desire to become a gift to others, for good of all.

I wish you all a happy journey. Together. I carry you all in my heart.

With affection and esteem

+ Derio, bishop

Pinerolo, 18 May 2020

NEW Roster

There is a new Roster for roles around the parish for your attention. It reflects the current new restrictions.

The differences are:

  • Eucharistic Ministers are not being rostered because the Precious Blood is not being distributed;
  • Alter servers have not been rostered, however they are more than welcome to serve as long as required physical distancing can be maintained (depending on numbers)
  • For Sunday Mass, one person will read all readings and the prayers of the faithful for the time being as all processions are to be omitted.
  • Counting roster suspended for the present until new system has been decided upon.

It can be found at HERE

My experience of Mass in the Coronavirus age

Gerald Stack said that it was a strange but comforting experience to be among the small (max 20) congregation at morning mass this Monday. With careful preparations already in place, arrivals moved with correct social distancing to clean hands, provide contact details and sit at a marked spot in the pews.

After nine weeks of virtual mass livestreamed it was a relief to once again be one of those gathered around the table of the Eucharist. Another pleasure was to gather (at a distance) and catch up on the news with Father Manoj and others present.

The mass celebrated the Feast of Our Lady as Mary Mother of Christians, the principal patroness of Australian Catholics. Mass concluded with a prayer of Entrustment of Australia to the special care of Mary, Mother of Christians in this time of the perils of Covid-19. The prayer invoked our Mother’s special care of doctors, nurses and all health care workers. We remembered all those who have suffered (and died) and all those, too, who have been impacted by way of unemployment and the destruction of businesses.

So, consider making your booking by contact with John at 0430 507 050, since only 20 are permitted by government rules to attend at the same time. Other details applicable can be found at Sunday’s Bulletin . The details will be important as Saturday and Sunday mass resume this weekend.

Archbishop responds to the call of Hon S.McGurk MLA

The Hon Simone McGurk MLA, Minister for Child Safety, called on the Archbishop to support the proposed legislation which would force priests to report information regarding child sexual abuse revealed in the sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession). That is, the Minister called on the Archbishop to signal that the church puts child safety first by supporting the legislation which violates the Seal of Confession.

Archbishop Costelloe has responded with a letter to the Minister (the Premier and the WA Cabinet) which can be read HERE . He points out that he cannot in good conscience support the law and also there is no reason for saying that he (and the Church) do not put child safety first AND conform to centuries of belief and practice of the secrecy of the confessional. It is evident that recent changes have been formulated and carefully put into effect to ensure that children are now safe in the care and support of the church bodies. To say or imply otherwise is malicious.

Proposed WA law to force priests to report confessions

The State Government of WA has introduced legislation which will require priests to report any information of child sexual abuse arising from the sacrament of Reconciliation (or Confession). This is contrary to the long established teaching and practice of the Roman Catholic church.

In response to a call by the Minister, Ms Simone McGurk, for the Archbishop to state the Perth Catholic position on the matter, the Perth Archbishop, Timothy Costelloe SDB has issued a detailed statement. The full text can be found HERE.

The text should be read in its entirety to fully appreciate the situation, but in simple terms, Archbishop Costelloe points out that it is false to say that the church must place either child safety or church teaching first. The church in faith and in practice does both, in that child safety is embedded in the very teachings and practice of the church, particularly in Western Australia.

Take the opportunity to read and understand the Archbishop’s reasons and be prepared to counter any simplistic criticism of the sacrament.

Bulletin for Ascension Sunday 2020

The parish Bulletin for the weekend of 23/24 May 2020 can be found HERE.

The Bulletin is indispensable for keeping abreast of the changing guides for returning to our St Aloysius’ church. Daily mass will resume from Monday 25 May with many health safety restrictions. Attendance will be by ‘booking’ a place among the 20 permitted, and bookings are being handled by John and Trish by calling or texting to 0438 507 050.

Father Manoj has planned for the first Weekend’s masses to be next weekend, Saturday 30 May and Sunday 31 May. Because we are still limited to a maximum of 20, ‘bookings’ will be needed for convenience of everyone, again by calling or texting John at 0438 507 050 by FRIDAY NIGHT 29th MAY

The Bulletin has all the readings for the Sunday mass as well as encouraging news from Father Manoj.