Final Report of Assembly One of Plenary Council

After a week (3-10 October 2021) of intense prayer, deep listening and personal contributions, the 278 members of the Plenary Council have reported their thinking. The full report can be found HERE.

Members have recounted their surprise to realise that their participation was entirely what Synodality is meant to be. People of Faith walking together and confident that the Holy Spirit is supporting and directing the outcome. They said that

The call to hear afresh the Good News of Jesus Christ through a spiritual posture of ‘deep listening’ has been a central element of the preparation of the Plenary process and a distinctive feature of this week.

Many themes and questions are still to be explored, and “With the closing of this First Assembly, the Plenary Council process now enters a time of prayer, reflection, maturation and development.”

There are many items dealing with aspects of the First Assembly to be found in the Record, and they can be linked to HERE.

Please leave a comment in the space below even if to say that you agree/challenge what you have read.

Opening of the Plenary Council

At long last, we approach the opening of the Fifth Australian Plenary Council next week.

On Sunday 3 October 2021 at 11.00am WST Archbishop Timothy Costelloe will celebrate mass to mark the start of the celebration, as it is called, of the Plenary Council. Council sessions will be held every day from Monday 4 October, each day’s sessions being marked by mass, which will be livestreamed from 9.30am AEST, and followed by Plenary Council prayers. The conciliar sessions are not expected to be livestreamed.

The Plenary Council website has a new section with all the information on Assembly 1. Here can be found lists or all the ‘players’, all the documentation provided, and many forms of prayers that would seek God’s blessings on the deliberations. There will be links to every livestreamed presentation and news of each day’s lessons. Bookmark this in your browser and refer to it frequently this week and in the weeks following.

For a full report of the opening as found in the eRecord, click HERE

May God bless this audacious undertaking, may Jesus Christ be in the forefront of every members’ thinking and may the Holy Spirit work the miracle of a blessed outcome.

Covid-19 Transitional Restrictions: 6 – 12 July 2021

Perth Archbishop Crest

Conforming to the transitional restrictions issued by the WA Health Department, there will be a partial relaxation of restrictions for the period 6th to 12th July 2021.

From Tuesday 6th July, there will be a maximum limit of 150 attendees at church and complying with the 2m2 rule. Masks must be worn; attendees must register their attendance (QR code or manual register) and no-one who is unwell and with flu-like symptoms should attend.

The complete text of the Archbishop’s notice of these transitions can be found HERE

Archbishop’s Pastoral Letter regarding VAD

Perth Archbishop Crest

Archbishop Timothy Costelloe has issued a Pastoral Letter for the benefit of the Western Australian community regarding new legislation.

The voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) legislation will become effective in WA on 1st July 2021.

Simply stated, this will permit certain persons to access medications designed to cause their death. Also, the law will permit another person to provide assistance where the person choosing to die is unable to self-administer.

Be clear, The Catholic Church’s perennial teaching and tradition is firmly opposed to VAD.

“(T)he Church’s position rests on its constant interpretation of the fifth commandment of the Mosaic law: you shall not kill. This is, we believe, a commandment from God, the giver and sustainer of life. It is a law which pre-exists any government or any parliament. Governments have the power, given to them by those who elect them, to determine what rules are expedient in the societies they govern.”

The Catholic community really faces a two step response to the new law.

Firstly, we must prepare ourselves, recommit to our spiritual goals to see Jesus in ourselves and everyone we meet, particularly those in need such as the sick, suffering and elderly.

Secondly, we can learn how to support these people, and especially those in our own families. The Church has many healing and caring ministries and the community can foster, promote and actively support them.

“(The) conviction about the sanctity and inviolability of human life is one of the most foundational values by which we as Catholics live. We believe that every human life, from its earliest beginnings at conception to its final moments leading to death, is precious and sacrosanct. No-one has the right to “step in” and bring to an end a life that has begun under God’s providence and will come to its end under God’s providence.”

Archbishop Costelloe concludes,

“The VAD legislation has been passed and is about to become operative in Western Australia. I believe this is a tragedy for our society but I fully understand that not everyone sees it this way. For those who do, however, and for whom this is a question of conscientious belief about a matter of life and death, it is essential that we be able to live out our beliefs freely and with integrity.”

The full text of the Pastoral Letter can be found HERE

A copy of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2019 is linked HERE

Plenary Council 2021

Australian flag

There have been discussions and virtual/remote meetings in preparation for this year’s first session of the Plenary Council.

A painless way to catch up with the issues is listen and learn from the principals, Archbishop Timothy Costelloe – president of the Plenary Council, and Archbishop Mark Colleridge – president of the Australian Catholic Bishops.

Christopher Lamb, journalist with the UK magazine The Tablet, interviews the two Archbishops and this can be seen on You Tube at this LINK

The other opportunity is a conversation of Archbishop Coleridge with Cardinal John Dew of Auckland. This (with two expert commentators) can be found on You Tube at this LINK

As a responsible Catholic, you are urged to take time to visit these Links as well as the formal Plenary Council website found HERE

If these raise any questions for you (and we hope that they do), please leave a comment below. We could gather one evening to talk the questions over some refreshments.

The Beauty of our Restored Crib

Children admire the 2020 Crib

Throughout the year, Thuy Tran has worked to carefully restore the figurines in the parish Crib set. The results have charmed all those who stop and pray there, especially the youngest. So our thanks to Thuy for her skill, and to Trish and John who have again set up the Crib and the lighting (and the Christmas tree).

Here Joshua (left) and Zavier admire and love the Holy Family.

Pope Francis 2020 Christmas Blessing

Pope Francis Christmas

Pope Francis reprised in shorter form the message he set out in his latest Encyclical Letter, Fratelli Tutti – Brothers and Sisters All. Namely, that God by his incarnation in Jesus Christ has demonstrated that God is in all, and that inasmuch as all are dependant children of God, we are all sisters and brothers.

So, you can find this in the text of Pope Francis’ homily delivered from Saint Peter’s Basilica on the occasion of the annual Urbi et Orbi Christmas blessing to the whole world which is available HERE

Parish Bulletin – 32nd Sunday of OT, 8 November 2020

St Aloysius' Church

The Parish Bulletin for the 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year A) can be found HERE

Key items for noting are:

The Archbishop’s Appeal for LifeLink which will be held next weekend – watch for further details

The Sisters of Mercy Christmas cards are available in the church foyer, with funds to benefit the Sister’s outreach in Nairobi, Kenya.

The full story of the St Aloysius Parish’s evangelising outreach to the poor and desperate in Lagos, Nigeria.