Children’s Liturgy – Sunday 16th September2018

In their final liturgy before the end of term three, the children personalised ‘hands’ with their names and their response to the day’s gospel.

This brings emphasises that their work is not ‘childminding’, but a real and important part of the Sunday liturgy.

Perhaps the best part was seeing Rita carrying the cross to mass and back home on Sunday.



Jubilee Year – St Aloysius Gonzaga SJ

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga SJ – Jubilee 2018

Pope Francis has declared a Jubilee Year honouring St Aloysius Gonzaga commencing 9 March 2018 and extending to 9 March 2019.

The Shenton Park parish church will, for that year, be a ‘principle place of pilgrimage’, and those who visit and fulfil the specified requirements will be blessed with a Plenary Indulgence.

There are very few such places and this is a very special privilege for the Archdiocese.

Planning is underway to bring the knowledge to the wider community and foster their devotion to this saint renowned for his care of the sick in the plague.

More details will be published.

Contact: Gerald Stack.  0410 699 174

2017-2018 Annual General Meeting

The Parish AGM, held over from November 2017, will be held in the Parish Centre after Sunday Mass, 4th February 2018.

The AGM is an opportunity for the St Aloysius community to reflect on the events of the past year ask questions to clarify any matters.

It is also a time to raise issues of concern which can be considered by the parish assembled.

This post will be amended if and as any reports are received so that they can be read before the meeting.

Australia Day 2018

Many parishioners came to Australia Day mass last Friday, 26th January 2018, and stayed for a magnificent morning tea spread out in the Parish Centre.

It was a day to celebrate, and thank God for the peace and stability of our beautiful nation.

  Roma shows the flag.     Enjoying morning tea afterwards.

An added delight was the fact that 26th January is also Republic Day for the Indian nation, marking the adoption of the constitution replacing colonial status.