Cardinal Pell Aquittal: Archbishop Costelloe

Cardinal Pell had his conviction for child sexual abuse quashed by the full bench of the Australian High Court on Tuesday 7 April 2020. Welcomed by many who have been convinced of the innocence of Cardinal Pell, the final ruling will crush those who suffer the long term pain of sexual abuse at the hands of people they were taught to trust implicitly.

Archbishop Costelloe has issued a letter to his flock on the matter, appealing for all to accept the ruling and be calm and measured in their responses, both for and against.

The full text of the Archbishop’s letter is attached HERE

Web Links to Easter in Perth

The Perth Archdiocese has issued a Flyer which provides the links to Easter ceremonies celebrated in St Mary’s Cathedral and live streamed to your computer.

  • The Flyer (to be found HERE) provides several methods to connect for o Holy Thursday, the Lord’s Supper – Thursday 9 April, at 7.00pm
    o Good Friday Passion of the Lord – Friday 10 April, at 3.00pm
    o Easter Vigil Mass – Saturday 11 April, at 6.00pm
    o Easter Sunday Mass – Sunday 12 April, at 11.00am
  • The Flyer also advises that Channel 7 will broadcast from St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney on free to air television
    o Good Friday Passion of the Lord – Friday 9 April, at 1.00pm (WST)
    o Easter Sunday Mass – Sunday 12 April, at 08.30am (WST)
  • There are three short forms for your family to join in a home prayer and reflection experience, as crafted in Brisbane
    o Holy Thursday
    o Good Friday
    o Easter Sunday

Perth Archbishop’s Second Pastoral Letter on Coronavirus

Archbishop Costelloe has issued a second pastoral letter today (24 March 2020). It follows his first letter of 18 March.

He urges his flock to resist panic and know God stands with us. In these turbulent times, we Catholics have to find new ways to live our faith

By government decree and following medical advice,

  • Public masses (including Easter liturgies) will be suspended indefinitely
  • All churches and chapels will be closed and kept closed
  • Baptisms and Confirmations will be deferred except in emergencies
  • Weddings and Funerals will only occur with strict limitations
  • Individual Reconciliation will be by special arrangement
  • Anointing of the Sick and distribution of Eucharist will be by special arrangements and only by those not a high risk

Pastoral care for each other will call for generosity and originality. Think of care for our priests. Think of care for the fearful, sick and lonely people.

Mass will be viewable on live-streaming channels

Keep in touch via the Archdiocese news, The full text of the Archbishop’s Pastoral Letter can be found HERE.

Keep in mind the lessons of Christ coming through the storm to comfort and save the wave-tossed and frightened disciples.