Commissioning of 12 Perth Archdiocese delegates to the Plenary Council

The twelve delegates from the Perth Archdiocese (also called the Perth Local Church) to participate in the Australian Plenary Council were commissioned last Sunday, the 4th October 2020.

Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral on Sunday 4 October witnessed the commissioning of 12 local delegates who have the privilege of representing the Archdiocese of Perth in the upcoming Plenary Council (PC)

The commissioned Plenary Council Delegates who will represent the Archdiocese of Perth at the upcoming assemblies in October 2021 and July 2022 are:

 Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB DD, Auxiliary Bishop Rev Donald Sproxton DD, Father Peter Whitely VG, Vicar for Clergy Brian McKenna EV, Episcopal Vicar for Education and Faith Formation Fr Vincent Glynn EV, St Charles’ Seminary Rector Fr Phillip Fleay, Redemptoris Mater Seminary Rector Fr Michael Moore SM, UNDA Vice-Chancellor Prof Francis Campbell, Centre for Faith Enrichment Director Dr Marco Ceccarelli, Applecross Parish youth coordinator Emily Hardbottle, UNDA senior lecturer in theology Dr Angela McCarthy and The Shopfront Director Mr Damian Walsh

After the conclusion of the Gospel reading, Archbishop Costelloe offered some words of reflection, then calling the delegates to the altar for a special blessing, committing them to their new role.

Archbishop Costelloe noted that this call by the Lord (to St Francis of Asissi), “to return once again with courage and boldness to the beauty of the gospel and begin to build our lives, our institutions, and our ministries more solidly on the basis of Gospel principles” is not a call to tear down the Church and start again from scratch.

Reiterating the fact that the challenge of the PC, is a task of the whole Church and not just the bishops, Archbishop Costelloe invited the community to keep the delegates in their prayers as they undergo months of intense spiritual preparation.

“The danger is that we simply presume that the Holy Spirit wants for the Church exactly what we might want for the Church. But as the Lord says to us in the Scriptures: ‘my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.  For as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts’ (Is 56:8-9).

Parish Bulletin – 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 4 October 2020

The Bulletin for the 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year A, 4th October 2020 can be read in full with a link in the Resources tab above, or clicking HERE

In addition to the regular Parish Diary and the Rosters, there are three key points.

  1. The COVID-19 safety guidelines which continue to be observed.
  2. Pope Francis’ Prayer to Our Lady seeking Her intercession to protect against the global impacts of the pandemic
  3. Pope Francis’ Prayer intention for October, the Laity’s Mission in the Church

Parish Bulletin, 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 27th September 2020

Today’s Bulletin can be found HERE or via the Resources tab above.

Among the notes are:

  • Celebrations and Thanks for the feast day of St Vincent de Paul (27th September), inspiration for the Vincentian Congregation and of our priests, Father Manoj and Father Thomas. We join with them for morning tea after Sunday mass.
    Likewise, we give our thanks for the contribution of the St Vincent de Paul Society (The Vinnies) to those in need, and pray for the members of the Society.
  • We are also grateful for the presence of our Sisters of Mercy, Sr Leonie and Sr Sandra. Their community feast day was last Thursday, 24th September, Mercy Day.
  • Attention is also drawn to the article in the current copy of The Record regarding legislation currently being considered by the WA Upper House and dealing with demand for priests to break the seal of confession and report any suspicion of child sexual abuse. Read the details and think of contacting your elected members expressing your concerns.

Parish Bulletins for 24th and 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 13 and 20 September 2020

These Bulletins, and all past Bulletins, can be accessed via the Resources tab (above).

Highlights of the two weeks has been,

First, the First Holy Communion for ten of our children on the Sunday 13th September. A large gathering of families and friends called for a special second mass of the day at 11.00am. There was a wonderful celebratory morning tea afterwards. This was a wonderful event for our small community.

Secondly, the parish has transferred the first of two payments of $2,000 AUD to the Jesuit community of Lagos, Nigeria. The funds were this year’s Outreach giving by our parish and will assist their program for food relief to some of the needy in Lagos. Nigeria, the biggest country in Africa, is a poor country with many suffering and starving, made so much worse by the disruption which followed the eruption of the Covid-19 pandemic. Include them in your prayers.

G Stack

Parish Bulletin for 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time – 6 September 2020

God’s Blessings on all our Fathers and Grandfathers on this, Fathers’ Day.

A copy of the Bulletin for today can be found HERE

Key notes from the Bulletin are:-

First Holy Communion will be celebrated next Sunday, with a special mass to be at 11.00am. (The 9.30am mass will be held as per usual. ). Ten children will be receiving the sacrament then – Cecelia Havlat, Maidhe O’Loughlin, Miranda Aung, James Edwards, Eloise Riordan, Grace Ashforth, Olive Barrett, Amelia Wates, Bridget Ryan and Joel Doss.

The Covid-19 Safety Plan will continue to be observed for an extended period, until 24th October 2020. That is, the current arrangements will continue for now.

The coming Tuesday (8th Sept) is the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There will be the annual 48 hour (6.00pm Saturday 5th Sept until 6.00pm Monday 7th Sept) Rosary Bouquet leading to the feast. Arranged by the Legion of Mary, people are encouraged to recite the Rosary individually or in groups in this 48 hours, noting their commitment online at

Parish Bulletin for 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 2 August 2020

A copy of the Bulletin can be found HERE or via the Resources tab.

As the parish settles into the new stability, the Bulletin reflects the steady rhythm of the liturgical calendar. There are the feasts of Saint Dominic founder of the Order of Preachers, the Dominicans, and on Tuesday the feast of St John Vianney also known as the Cure d’Ars and who is the patron saint of parish priests, and then the special saint for Australia and New Zealand – Saint Mary of the Cross, Mother Mary Mackillop on Saturday. This week also is blessed with the feast of The Transfiguration of the Lord on Thursday 6th August.

Bulletin of 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 26 July 2020

The Bulletin for the 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 26th July 2020 can be found HERE

Here you can read of the lives of two great saints, Saint Martha and Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Martha was one a very few in the Gospels who were said to be loved by the Lord, as was her sister Mary and brother Lazarus (and the Gospel writer, John the Evangelist). She had the faith that Jesus could raise her brother from the dead if He wanted. She engaged Jesus when he arrived, challenging Him to explain His delay. No ‘shrinking violet’ her, but a feisty women of faith and a women of generous hospitality. Her feast day is Tuesday 29th July.

Ignatius of Loyola is remembered on Friday 31st July. A reformed soldier and courtier, he was inspired by the lives of the saints to emulate them and grow in his own form of spirituality, the Ignatian Method, based on careful introspection on a person’s desires, with discernment to find the true way to God. He wanted to put his military experience at the service of the Lord, and the Pope through a body of trained men, the Jesuits.