Bulletin for 4th Sunday of Easter 2022

Click HERE for the Bulletin.

Happy Mothers’ Day for 2022.

The Bulletin has items drawing attention to today as the World Day of Prayers for Vocations – and that is for every vocation for each of us, clerical and religious and lay men and women. Each vocation is from God and to be valued as our ‘talent’ as described in the Gospel which we will return to God at the Last Judgement as enhanced or diminished.

Another item is the news that our Archbishop was this week elected the President of the Conference of Australian Catholic Bishops (ACBC) replacing Archbishop Coleridge. He will be the first Western Australian president of the ACBC and the first from a religious order, in his case the Salesian Order.

Covid 19 – New Level 1 Restrictions Apply

As from 12.01am Friday 29th April 2022 WA Health requirements relating to Covid-19 will be relaxed. With respect to the Parish Church,

  • Masks are no longer mandatory
  • Congregation numbers and spacing limits are removed

Common sense would indicate

  • Do not attend with Covid or flu-like symptoms
  • Maintain physical distancing and/or masking if you are concerned

See the State government website HERE for full details and the Archdiocesan guideline HERE

3rd Sunday of Lent – Bulletin – 20 March 2022

The Bulletin for this Sunday can be linked in HERE . Some points are,

  • Parish celebration for Birthdays – Fr Thomas and Lesley Smith
  • Project Compassion 3rd Week
  • Easter ceremony dates and times
  • Prayer for the flooded people of NSW and QLD

The Bulletin cannot be reused under Covid provisions and for your reference during the week, Take it home with you after mass.

Parish Bulletin for 1st and 2nd Sundays of Lent

The Bulletins for the 1st Sunday and 2nd Sunday of lent are uploaded.

Key items from the bulletin for the 1st Sunday of Lent are

  • The latest Covid-19 arrangements applicable this week
  • The changes to the Sacramental Program planning
  • Start of the Project Compassion project for 2022

The main points from that of the 2nd Sunday of Lent are

  • Lenten devotions and preparation reflections
  • Dates and times of this year’s Easter Ceremonies
  • Special prayer for those suffering in the floods on the east seaboard

Covid Level 2 requirements – 3 March 2022

The Vicar General has issued the full requirements applicable to places of worship throughout the Archdiocese of Perth dealing with Covid-19 level 2 measures as determined by the WA Government, effective Thursday 3 March 2022 and ongoing.

The requirements can be read in full by linking HERE

In brief,

  • Do not enter the church if you have any flu-like symptoms or have had close contact
  • Masks are required within the church and parish centre
  • Register attendance by QR code or written registration
  • Individuals (or family groups) are to maintain 1.5m separation
  • Church capacity is limited to achieve 2m2 per person and maximum 150 people
  • For sacraments, funerals, weddings and other ceremonies, see text HERE

Your continuing compliance with these public health requirements will be greatly appreciated.

Bulletin, 8th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 27 Feb 2022

This is the last Sunday of Ordinary Time for now, as we move into Lent on Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, 2 March and start to prepare ourselves to be ready for the great celebration of Easter.

All the details for masses and devotions of Lent are to be found in the Bulletin, which can be found HERE or under the Information tab > Weekly Bulletins,

Also in the Bulletin is a memorial to Alistair Mory who tragically passed away this week. The whole parish community grieves the loss of this young (27yo) man and offers their prayers and sympathy to his family.

Some members of the parish came together during the week to reflect on the themes of the Global Synod “For a Synodal Church – Communion, Participation, Mission. The fruit of the session will be submitted for inclusion in the Archdiocesan summary, and thence to the Synodal assembly in 2023.
There will be another gathering on Thursday 10 March in the parish centre from 6.30 – 8.00pm, to consider another submission by the extended deadline, Sunday 13 March

Lent is also the time for Project Compassion, and there will be more information on this in the Bulletin and over the next four weeks leading to Easter. Please provide your support for this great need.

2022 Sacramental Program Registration Day

The complete details of the 2022 Sacramental Program at St Aloysius’ can be found HERE

This year, there will be the One Day for Registration to apply to be part of the 2022 Sacramental Program, and that is the 9.30am Sunday Mass on the 13th March, 2022.

The contact person for the Program is again
John Edwards – 0438 527 050 – john@jfedwards.biz

Parents (and Godparents) are expected to be well informed of their responsibilities and requirements prior to presenting their children for initiation in the sacraments.

Bulletin for 7th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 20 Feb 2022

The Bulletin can be found HERE or under the Information tab on this website.

Items of importance include
* Details of Registration for the 2022 Sacramental Program
* Details of a Parish reflection on the Pope’s Synod, Thurs 24th March, 6,30pm at the Parish Centre. All are invited to prayerfully consider and provide their experience and hopes related to the Synod’s purposes. It will be as per the Guidelines on the web.
* Further call for assistance with the Sunday Children’s Liturgy.

Take the Bulletin home after mass, and refer to it during the week.

Sunday 13 February 2022 – Bulletin and Synod

The Bulletin for the 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year C) is to be found under Information>Weekly Bulletins or HERE

You can see that Lent is approaching on the year’s Liturgical Cycle, with Ash Wednesday on 2nd March. There are some suggestions in the Bulletin for you to plan what is best for you to enter this penitential season.

Another note is regarding Pope Francis’ Synod of Bishops to be held in October 2023. The theme of the synod is, Synodality: Communion, Participation , Mission. Pope Francis has invited every Christian (and others) to reflect on what church means to us and how it can better pursue the Mission entrusted to us all by Jesus. Submissions, either from groups or individuals, can be submitted online HERE , or at https://www.catholic.org.au/synodalchurch

From an article by Austen Ivereigh in Commonweal reporting on Pope Francis’ homily,

“He doled out some conciliar ecclesiology: the three keywords of this synod—communion, participation, and mission—are intrinsic to the Church regenerated by Vatican II, the first two reflecting the life of the Trinity, the third reflecting the apostolic commitment to today’s world that flows therefrom.”

“But then Francis leaned into one of the keywords in particular. Without participation, he said, synodality risks remaining abstract and “talk about communion remains a devout wish.” Without “real involvement”—turning up, speaking, being heard, acting—synodality stays on paper. Participation, he said, is a matter not of form but of faith. What happens at baptism is the conferral of “the equal dignity of the children of God.” Baptism therefore demands that we take part in the life and mission of the Church, in all the diversity of its charisms and ministries.”

We can and must Participate in the life of our Church, not leaving the stage for Others to make of it what they will. You can discuss what this might mean in the Comments section or by contacting Gerald on web@shentonparkcatholics.org.au .

Sunday 9th January 2022 – Bulletin and Masks

The Bulletin for the weekend of 8th and 9th January 2022 can be found HERE

This weekend (from 6.00pm Friday 7th Jan) in WA, masks are no longer needed in church gatherings (Hooray!) This is to be enjoyed even if it is only to be expected to last until the border is opened and the Omicron version arrives. Still, something to be grateful for.

The Baptism of the Lord is a wonderful feast, reminding us of our individual baptisms which ushered us into the special relationship with Jesus. As such, it also reminds us of our responsibilities to to respond to the ‘talents’ of faith we have been given and how we are to answer for them at the last day. Baptism makes us members of the Royal Priesthood of Christ and with the powers and duties associated with that state.