3rd Sunday of Lent – Bulletin – 20 March 2022

The Bulletin for this Sunday can be linked in HERE . Some points are,

  • Parish celebration for Birthdays – Fr Thomas and Lesley Smith
  • Project Compassion 3rd Week
  • Easter ceremony dates and times
  • Prayer for the flooded people of NSW and QLD

The Bulletin cannot be reused under Covid provisions and for your reference during the week, Take it home with you after mass.

Notes from the Vatican – 20 February 2022

Symposium on the Priesthood

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the 77-year-old French-Canadian cardinal and prefect of the Congregation of Bishops since June 2012, launched the three-day event, of which he is the chief organizer.

It is a high-profile meeting to scrutinize the future of the Catholic priesthood, something the Vatican has not done in a long time.

Father Vincent Siret, rector of the French seminary in Rome and a member of the scientific committee that prepared this symposium said, “Today, we must reflect afresh on the way in which the priesthood of priests and that of all the baptized are articulated.”

And at a time when people are also wondering about the place of ordained priests.

It is precisely this issue that the participants of the Synod of Bishops’ assembly on the Pan-Amazon Region in 2019 and those of the Synodal Path currently being held in Germany have tried to answer, each in their own way.

The gathering has been billed more broadly as a symposium on “presbyteral, lay and consecrated vocations”.

Some 500 people, including scores of bishops, are taking part in the three days of theological reflection

Change at the top Congregation in the Vatican

Pope Francis has officially divided the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) into two sections in order to deal separately with doctrinal issues and disciplinary matters, a move that formalizes a practice of the past several years.

The pope made the move on Monday 14 February by issuing a new “motu proprio” called Fidem servare – “keep the faith”.

The “doctrinal section” will be in charge of defending Church teaching, while the “disciplinary section” will deal with cases of sexual abuse committed against minors and other grave delicts.

The doctrinal section will have the role of ensuring “the promotion and protection of the doctrine of the faith and morals”, the pope says.” This encompasses studies in the service of evangelisation, science and society, personal ordinariates and questions related to marriage between Christians and non-believers.

The disciplinary section is now in charge of examining the files of religious men and women and priests suspected of the most serious crimes, such as sexual violence committed against minors or adults in a state of vulnerability.

These changes in such a high profile Congregation are seen as a forerunner for sweeping changes to the structure and personnel of the Roman Curia.

(The two reports are sourced from Le Croix International February 2022)

Blessed New Year – It’s Advent Again

This Weekend we open the door to another liturgical year – Year C in the lectionary.

This Sunday’s Bulletin accordingly has many references to

  • reflection evenings (keep Thursday 7 December free for Taize prayers/hymns in our church),
  • to seasonal preparations (Parish Party, Children’s Nativity Story, Christmas mass times, etc)
  • and to the Vinnies Christmas Hamper appeal.

The bulletin can be found under, Information tab > Weekly Bulletins.

The Beauty of our Restored Crib

Children admire the 2020 Crib

Throughout the year, Thuy Tran has worked to carefully restore the figurines in the parish Crib set. The results have charmed all those who stop and pray there, especially the youngest. So our thanks to Thuy for her skill, and to Trish and John who have again set up the Crib and the lighting (and the Christmas tree).

Here Joshua (left) and Zavier admire and love the Holy Family.

Pope Francis 2020 Christmas Blessing

Pope Francis Christmas

Pope Francis reprised in shorter form the message he set out in his latest Encyclical Letter, Fratelli Tutti – Brothers and Sisters All. Namely, that God by his incarnation in Jesus Christ has demonstrated that God is in all, and that inasmuch as all are dependant children of God, we are all sisters and brothers.

So, you can find this in the text of Pope Francis’ homily delivered from Saint Peter’s Basilica on the occasion of the annual Urbi et Orbi Christmas blessing to the whole world which is available HERE

Parish Bulletin – 32nd Sunday of OT, 8 November 2020

St Aloysius' Church

The Parish Bulletin for the 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year A) can be found HERE

Key items for noting are:

The Archbishop’s Appeal for LifeLink which will be held next weekend – watch for further details

The Sisters of Mercy Christmas cards are available in the church foyer, with funds to benefit the Sister’s outreach in Nairobi, Kenya.

The full story of the St Aloysius Parish’s evangelising outreach to the poor and desperate in Lagos, Nigeria.

Parish Bulletin for 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time – 15th November 2020

The Bulletin for the Weekend of 14/15 November 2020 can be found HERE

Key items for mention are

  1. This Sunday (the Global day of the Poor) was the launch of the Archbishop’s LifeLink appeal for the support of the social outreach agencies of the Archdiocese. This is the only time of the year when the Archbishop directly asks his flock to contribute to these most needed front line responders to the needy of Perth and surrounds. Please read the letter and report, and give as generously as you are able.
  2. The parish arrangements for November – the month of the Holy Souls.
  3. A friend of the parish, Greg O’Brien, is in desperate need of accommodation for him and his prized cat. He is a full time worker at RPH. If you know of any spare rooms or house sitting opportunities, call Greg on 0413 701 489.

Parish Bulletin for All Saints – 1 November 2020

The Bulletin for this Sunday is to be found HERE. Points of interest include:

The feast of All Saints (1 November) or All Hallows is a key feast to celebrate all those who have gone before us and are acknowledged as being united with God. It is an occasion to reflect that each of us is part of the Community of Saints, of the past, the present and the future, since time has no place in the spiritual world.
November is also the time of the year for us to pray for and to the departed. In a special way, we remember family and friends who have died by making a mass offering asking the parish community to pray with us for the benefit of the departed souls. There are special envelopes available in the foyer and a box for them to be put into. The box is placed directly on the altar at each mass of the month.

The Plenary Council preparations are continuing even if not much is heard. Groups are drafting the working document (instrumentum laboris) which will be released early in 2021 with a draft agenda, both to be considered and commented on. There are sessions for discernment prayer and the next one is on Thursday evening from 5.30pm at the Sienna Centre, Doubleview, dealing with What is God asking of us in Australia for a Church that is Prayerful and Eucharistic.

The parish outreach has formed a relationship with a team in Lagos, Nigeria, who are serving the very poor in that city during Covid and at a time of great tumult. We have transferred $4,000 AUD as a contribution and a commitment of solidarity. Today’s Gospel story of the Good Samaritan is timely and tells us how to care humbly for all God’s children in need deeply and personally.

Bulletin for 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year A. 25th October 2020

The Bulletin for the 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2020 (25th October 2020) is available HERE or can be accessed via the Resources tab (above).

The 30th Sunday of OT was marked by the story related in the Gospel of Matthew of the Pharisees seeking to snare Jesus in their conundrum of the greatest commandment of the Law. Jesus simply gathered all the complex requirements under two headings – the First is to love God in every way, and the Second is close behind, to love your neighbour as your self.

Sister Maureen of the Sisters of Mercy visited the parish and spoke at mass of the missionary work the congregation is doing in Nairobi, Kenya, and the importance of funds raised by the sale of Christmas cards designed by the people of Kenya. There are some cards still available at mass.

The parish welcomed with joy the arrival of Maybell, the third beautiful daughter of Brenda and Mauron, born 6th October. At the same mass, there were prayers for Robin Neave, the elder brother of Scilla Stack, who died suddenly on the 21st October.