Sunday 9th January 2022 – Bulletin and Masks

The Bulletin for the weekend of 8th and 9th January 2022 can be found HERE

This weekend (from 6.00pm Friday 7th Jan) in WA, masks are no longer needed in church gatherings (Hooray!) This is to be enjoyed even if it is only to be expected to last until the border is opened and the Omicron version arrives. Still, something to be grateful for.

The Baptism of the Lord is a wonderful feast, reminding us of our individual baptisms which ushered us into the special relationship with Jesus. As such, it also reminds us of our responsibilities to to respond to the ‘talents’ of faith we have been given and how we are to answer for them at the last day. Baptism makes us members of the Royal Priesthood of Christ and with the powers and duties associated with that state.

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