COVID update – 4 December 2020

COVID-19 Safety Plan – Phase 4 – St Aloysius Shenton Park

Mandatory Contact Registers – from Saturday 5th December 2020

Under the most recent directives from the WA Government, all places of worship are required to maintain ‘mandatory contact registers’ from Saturday, 5th November 2020.  Any person aged 16 years or over who attends a place of worship is required to provide their contact details (name, contact number, date & arrival time). Accordingly, attendance registers will reappear at the Church entrances from this weekend.

SafeWA App

If you have downloaded the SafeWA App, you may register your attendance using the app and the Church’s QR Code, which will be provided at each entry.

Latest Directive from Archbishop Costelloe

Archbishop Costelloe issued revised directives on 3rd December 2020.  A copy of those directives is on the foyer notice board and the Parish website (accessible HERE).  Although places of worship are now exempt from the 2 square metre rule, we remain obliged to comply with the social distancing rule (1.5 metres clear from others not of your household).  As a consequence, the capacity in our church (excluding the sanctuary and the loft) remains the same – approximately 70.  

Please also remember to:

  • In order to comply with the 1.5 metre rule, when seated in the church, please do not sit either directly in front of or directly behind a person already seated.
  • Sanitise your hands on entering and leaving the church.
  • Sanitise your seat and kneeler with wipes provided before leaving the Church.
  • Archbishop Costelloe’s directive that you should not attend Mass if you are unwell or have flu/respiratory symptoms.

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