Parish Bulletin, 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 27th September 2020

Today’s Bulletin can be found HERE or via the Resources tab above.

Among the notes are:

  • Celebrations and Thanks for the feast day of St Vincent de Paul (27th September), inspiration for the Vincentian Congregation and of our priests, Father Manoj and Father Thomas. We join with them for morning tea after Sunday mass.
    Likewise, we give our thanks for the contribution of the St Vincent de Paul Society (The Vinnies) to those in need, and pray for the members of the Society.
  • We are also grateful for the presence of our Sisters of Mercy, Sr Leonie and Sr Sandra. Their community feast day was last Thursday, 24th September, Mercy Day.
  • Attention is also drawn to the article in the current copy of The Record regarding legislation currently being considered by the WA Upper House and dealing with demand for priests to break the seal of confession and report any suspicion of child sexual abuse. Read the details and think of contacting your elected members expressing your concerns.

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