Parish Bulletins for 24th and 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 13 and 20 September 2020

These Bulletins, and all past Bulletins, can be accessed via the Resources tab (above).

Highlights of the two weeks has been,

First, the First Holy Communion for ten of our children on the Sunday 13th September. A large gathering of families and friends called for a special second mass of the day at 11.00am. There was a wonderful celebratory morning tea afterwards. This was a wonderful event for our small community.

Secondly, the parish has transferred the first of two payments of $2,000 AUD to the Jesuit community of Lagos, Nigeria. The funds were this year’s Outreach giving by our parish and will assist their program for food relief to some of the needy in Lagos. Nigeria, the biggest country in Africa, is a poor country with many suffering and starving, made so much worse by the disruption which followed the eruption of the Covid-19 pandemic. Include them in your prayers.

G Stack

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