Parish Bulletin for 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time – 6 September 2020

God’s Blessings on all our Fathers and Grandfathers on this, Fathers’ Day.

A copy of the Bulletin for today can be found HERE

Key notes from the Bulletin are:-

First Holy Communion will be celebrated next Sunday, with a special mass to be at 11.00am. (The 9.30am mass will be held as per usual. ). Ten children will be receiving the sacrament then – Cecelia Havlat, Maidhe O’Loughlin, Miranda Aung, James Edwards, Eloise Riordan, Grace Ashforth, Olive Barrett, Amelia Wates, Bridget Ryan and Joel Doss.

The Covid-19 Safety Plan will continue to be observed for an extended period, until 24th October 2020. That is, the current arrangements will continue for now.

The coming Tuesday (8th Sept) is the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There will be the annual 48 hour (6.00pm Saturday 5th Sept until 6.00pm Monday 7th Sept) Rosary Bouquet leading to the feast. Arranged by the Legion of Mary, people are encouraged to recite the Rosary individually or in groups in this 48 hours, noting their commitment online at

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